Slant Tweezer 25°


Crafted with precision, the 25° Angled Tweezers embody professional quality with their meticulously handcrafted design and sharp tips. These tweezers ensure a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and effective use.

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Slant Tweezer 25° – Brazilian Brows


The Slant Tweezer 25° is an internationally renowned and extensively utilized tool in the art of eyebrow shaping. Their reputation is built upon their unparalleled precision and accuracy, rendering them the quintessential asset for your eyebrow work. Featuring a 25-degree angle, these tweezers strike a harmonious balance between comfort and usability. Each pair is meticulously handcrafted and honed, a craftsmanship that is perceptible to both the eye and touch. Their wide tip ensures effortless removal of even the most stubborn hairs. Crafted exclusively from Japanese steel, our tweezers embody not only exceptional quality but also a delightful tactile sensation. With proper care, they are engineered to withstand the test of time, barring any unfortunate drops that might affect their delicate pointed ends.


“The 25-degree point stands as a global favorite.”
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