Professional tweezers set


Our tweezers boast professional quality, featuring a sharp point and a secure grip. Each pair is meticulously handmade.

Professional tweezers set

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Professional Tweezers Set


Introducing our Professional Tweezers Set, encompassing the two best-selling tweezers globally.


Our Slant Tweezer 25°, renowned as a leading choice, delivers the precision essential for eyebrow design. With its distinctive 25-degree angle, it assures exceptional comfort and convenience during your work. Crafted by hand and meticulously sharpened, you’ll notice the quality both in appearance and feel. The broad tip guarantees effortless removal of even the most stubborn hairs.

Additionally, our Point Tweezer offers unparalleled precision. Its sharp point grants effortless extraction of the most bothersome hairs. Handcrafted and featuring a sharp point with a solid grip, this tweezer furnishes maximum control over eyebrow design.


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