Henna eyebrow Starter Kit


Our Henna Brow Starter Set offers an excellent introduction to our product, as it provides value for over 35 treatments.

Henna eyebrow Starter Kit

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Beginner’s Henna eyebrow Starter Kit


The Cosmetologist’s Brow Henna Starter Set serves as an excellent foundation for professionals seeking to elevate their clients’ eyebrow aesthetics. This comprehensive kit encompasses all essential tools and materials required to achieve exquisite outcomes. It includes a henna shade, a developer, and an applicator brush – all pivotal in producing captivating and enduring results. With this set at your disposal, you can effortlessly create stunning, natural-looking eyebrows that remain impeccable for weeks.

Tailored with beginners in mind within the realm of beauty, our Brow Henna Starter Set emerges as an indispensable asset. We’ve meticulously chosen the Dark Chestnut shade, an all-encompassing hue that caters to a broad spectrum of clients. It stands as a fundamental element within your beauty arsenal, ensuring you can effortlessly cater to diverse preferences. As you embark on your journey within the beauty industry, this shade becomes an anchor, enabling you to meet the expectations of a wide-ranging clientele.

Our Henna Brow Starter Kit is thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of aspiring beauticians. Encompassing six distinct colors – both warm and cool – this kit empowers you to achieve a natural appearance and deliver enduring results. While the henna color typically lingers on the skin for approximately two weeks, this duration might vary based on individual skin types. However, the color remains steadfast on eyebrows for up to six weeks, bestowing your clients with an extended period to relish their innate beauty.


Warm Henna Colors:


Less Intense – Medium Blonde: A prized gem in the henna world, this professional eyebrow henna exhibits a soft warm hue that is truly unique in the market. Particularly suitable for clients with ruddy complexions, it imparts a remarkably natural shade. Refer to our image from the Belgium fair for an instant glimpse of the exceptional outcome.

Intense – Medium Chestnut: Garnering significant popularity in the Asian market, this color radiates a subtly warm and intense natural effect. It’s poised to become a staple among your basic colors, exuding warmth and a natural tone that suits clients with warmth in hair and complexion.

More Intense – Brown: A splendid henna for eyebrows color that exudes natural elegance. Its warm undertones impart a cozy shade to the skin, rendering it an essential warm color in the Brazilian Brows collection.


Cool Henna Colors:


Less Intense – Dark Blonde: Contrary to its name, our Dark Blonde is the lightest cool shade in the spectrum. Perfect for first-time henna treatment clients, its cool, muted color ensures a gradual transition without shocking them with overly dark eyebrows.

Intense – Dark Chestnut:** Our showstopper, this intense, deep, yet remarkably natural hue is a global best-seller. With its natural cool undertones, it suits customers yearning for expressive, captivating eyebrows.

More Intense – Black: A surprisingly stunning choice, our professional Black eyebrow henna possesses a cool black hue that also bestows a natural look. Its intense cool shade surpasses even the Dark Chestnut. Despite the initial apprehension the name might evoke, it complements dark or very light cool skin beautifully. It’s a remarkable choice for those aiming to create a distinct look.

We’d like to highlight that while our products have minimal allergic reactions, it’s imperative to consider the following:
– This product is intended for professional use, presupposing experience in eyebrow dyeing, formal training, or guidance from an experienced practitioner.
– To avoid allergic reactions, we strongly advise conducting a patch test with the customer before initiating the treatment. Please thoroughly review the description prior to commencing any procedure.

Should you desire to work with our Professional Henna for Eyebrows and require online training, kindly visit our specialized training website.


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