Brow Brush 3pc


A crucial tool for brow specialists is the top-tier eyebrow brush made from natural materials. This indispensable instrument is an essential addition to any salon and has been expertly crafted by Brazilian Brows.

Brow Brush 3pc


Brow Brush 3pc by Brazilian Brows


Our Brow Brush 3pc set represents the collaborative efforts of our expert team in Brazil. Meticulously designed, this brow brush is crafted to fit seamlessly in the palm of your hand, providing an ergonomically efficient experience. The copper ferrule houses hairs with a precise density, offering you optimal control over this exceptional tool. We’ve meticulously chosen hairs of the ideal length, enabling you to color the skin between the eyebrows with pinpoint accuracy. Moreover, this brush is perfectly suited for eyebrow makeup products such as powders and pomades.

An indispensable addition to your salon, this natural-material eyebrow brush stands as a testament to superior quality.


“Transform every eyebrow into a ‘wow’ brow with this brush.”
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