Brazilian Brows henna -Dark Blonde


The Dark Blonde shade is a sought-after choice among our customers. Despite its name suggesting a darker tone, it is, in fact, the lightest cool option available. It holds special appeal for those new to henna treatments. This captivating cool shade has successfully persuaded many to embrace henna eyebrows.

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Brazilian Brows henna -Dark Blonde


Our Dark Blonde shade, despite its name, is actually our lightest cool-toned option. While the name might suggest otherwise, this shade defies expectations. It’s frequently chosen by clients seeking their first henna treatment. With its subdued intensity and cool undertones, it ensures clients won’t be startled by overly dark brows. A naturally cool and subtle hue.


By using our 6 distinct color options, you can pamper each and every one of your salon clients. The warm and cool colors that we offer guarantee a lasting and authentic effect. The dye will remain visible on the skin for a duration of up to 2 weeks, contingent on the type of skin. What’s more, our color lasts up to 6 weeks on brows. This means that your clients will be able to revel in their natural beauty for weeks on end.

“Brazilian Brows – Dark Blonde nice soft cool color”


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While our product has a low incidence of allergic reactions, we would still like to draw attention to the following. The usage of this particular product is solely intended for individuals with professional experience in eyebrow dyeing, or those who have received training from a knowledgeable source. It is important to take precautions in order to avoid any potential allergic reactions, therefore we advise conducting a preliminary test with the customer. Prior to initiating the treatment, please thoroughly read and understand the product description.


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