All star henna brows


With over 210 treatments available, our All Star Henna Brows product offers long-lasting value.

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All star henna brows

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All star henna brows (all our 6 colors)


Empower yourself with the All-Star Henna Brows Pack, designed to grant you unparalleled versatility in tending to a diverse clientele. This comprehensive package equips you with all the essentials for delivering top-notch treatments. Boasting over 210 treatments per pack, you’ll be well-prepared to accommodate any client that walks through your door. As you exhaust each bottle, you’ll emerge as a seasoned expert in the realm of henna brows.

Within this collection of six colors, you’ll find the artistic freedom to select the perfect shade for each individual. From a gentle auburn tint to a profound, rich brown, the spectrum caters to diverse preferences. Moreover, you can navigate between cooler and warmer tones to align with your client’s desired aesthetic. With this adaptable palette at your disposal, you’ll consistently have the precise shade to meet each customer’s expectations.

While the option to blend henna shades exists, we recommend against it, as it constitutes an unnecessary step in the process.

Brow brush included


“We extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing our All-Star Henna Brows Pack. Your trust means the world to us!”



Henna colors with a warm undertone:

You’ve uncovered a gem in the realm of henna – the Less Intense – Medium Blonde shade. Its delicate warmth holds a uniqueness all its own, emanating from its subtly natural tone, which distinguishes it from other offerings in the market. As many are aware, achieving a genuinely authentic eyebrow look on a client with a ruddy complexion presents a formidable task. Nevertheless, with this particular shade, achieving that desired natural appearance becomes an effortless endeavor. Cast your eyes upon our showcase from the Belgium fair and witness firsthand the instantaneous results this shade can bestow. It’s particularly well-suited for individuals with underlying reddish undertones.

“Brazilian Brows  Medium Blonde – a gem within the henna realm, offering a distinct color choice tailored for those with ruddy complexions.”


The intensely rich Medium Chestnut shade has gained immense popularity within the Asian market. Its inherent warmth and remarkable depth have rendered it a cherished selection. This color possesses the versatility to become a cornerstone in your collection, seamlessly complementing a variety of other foundational hues. The warm, authentic tones embedded within this shade make it a suitable choice for all clients exhibiting warm undertones in both their hair and complexion.

“Brazilian Brows – Medium Chestnut: Embrace the versatile allure of warm pigments for all-round clientele”


Brown: a breathtaking shade that lends an exquisite dimension to your expression. Its inherent warmth bestows a flattering tone on the skin, seamlessly integrating into the spectrum of warm colors characteristic of Brazilian brows.

“Brazilian Brows – Brown: An essential addition to your salon’s palette.”



Henna colors with a cool undertone:

Our palest cool-toned option is the Dark Blonde shade, which might seem counterintuitive based on its name. However, this shade doesn’t exhibit strong intensity. It’s frequently advised for clients who are experiencing their inaugural henna treatment. Given its cool and subdued nature, it safeguards against overly darkened eyebrows. It imparts a naturally cool hue, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more understated appearance.

“Brazilian Brows – Dark Blonde: A beautifully muted and cool shade.”


Our showstopper is the Intense – Dark Chestnut shade. It holds a prominent place as our global bestseller, celebrated for its profound and authentic allure. The cool, inherent tone of our dark chestnut resonates well with all clients seeking bold and expressive eyebrows.

“Brazilian Brows – Dark Chestnut: A perennial favorite. Rich, intense, and cool.”


The shade “Black” stands out as a bold and surprising option. It presents as a cool black hue that remarkably delivers a natural appearance for eyebrows. It holds the distinction of being our most intense cool-toned color, even surpassing our Dark Chestnut shade. While the name might evoke hesitation in some customers, rest assured, there’s no cause for worry. This color complements both very light cool skin tones and darker skin tones magnificently. If your goal is to craft a unique aesthetic, “Black” unquestionably warrants consideration as a must-try shade in your salon.

“Brazilian Brows – Black: An essential addition to your salon’s repertoire.”



Are you looking for brow-training?



While our product has a low incidence of allergic reactions, we would still like to draw attention to the following. The usage of this particular product is solely intended for individuals with professional experience in eyebrow dyeing, or those who have received training from a knowledgeable source. It is important to take precautions in order to avoid any potential allergic reactions, therefore we advise conducting a preliminary test with the customer. Prior to initiating the treatment, please thoroughly read and understand the product description.

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