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Introducing Our Premium Professional Tweezer Set


Experience the pinnacle of precision and control with our expertly crafted Professional Tweezer Set. Each tweezer in this collection is meticulously handmade and cut to ensure an unrivaled grip on even the tiniest of hairs. Discover the difference in performance compared to ordinary store-bought tweezers. Our set includes the following precision tools:

1. Brazilian Brows – Point Tweezer

– Say goodbye to pesky stray hairs with our Point Tweezer, expertly handcrafted for superior performance.
– The fine, pointed tip provides unmatched control, making it ideal for tackling the smallest of hairs.
– Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for durability and precision.

2. Brazilian Brows – Slant Tweezer 25°

– Achieve precision like never before with our Slant Tweezer 25 degrees.
– Legendary status is bestowed upon this tweezer for its remarkable precision and effortless hair removal.
– Designed with a 25-degree oblique tip, perfect for shaping eyebrows with ease.
– Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, offering the ideal balance of grip and stiffness for precise hair removal.

3. Brazilian Brows – Precision Flat Brush (Angled)

– Our Precision Flat Brush is tailor-made for Brazilian Brows, ensuring seamless henna application.
– Its medium-sized handle offers comfort and control for creating flawless henna brows.
– Carefully constructed with a specially designed bristle arrangement for maximum control and comfort during application.

4. Henna Mixing Glass

– When it comes to mixing henna, rely on our sturdy and reliable mixing glass.
– Crafted to withstand the rigors of henna preparation, this glass is the ideal choice for your mixing needs.

5. Measuring Spoon

– Make your henna application process more efficient with our indispensable measuring spoon.
– Each scoop precisely measures the right amount of henna for one customer, reducing waste and saving you time.
– A must-have tool for any henna professional.

Upgrade your brow and henna game with our Professional Tweezer Set. Crafted to the highest standards, these tools provide the control and precision you need to achieve flawless results. Say goodbye to unwanted hairs and hello to perfectly shaped brows and henna applications. Elevate your beauty routine with Brazilian Brows today.


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