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How many clients can one henna kit serve?

To ensure that your henna mixture doesn’t become too thick, it’s crucial to keep in mind that one henna color can serve an average of 35 customers. With this information, it’s also important to consider the cost per customer, which is estimated at around 60 cents. Knowing these details is just one of many reasons why it’s essential to make a decent profit.

what is the mixing ratio for the henna mix?

1 scoop of henna
2 drops Fixer
8/10 drop of mineral water

Which colors are cool and which are warm?

Black, Dark chestnut and Dark blonde are cool colors.

Brown, Medium Chestnut and Medium Blonde are warm colors.

How long should henna be on for?

Leave the henna on for 10 to 20 minutes. The longer the hold, the more intense the tone.

Do I need to take a henna class to use Brazilian brows?

It’s not always necessary to be familiar with the techniques of dyeing eyebrows. If you are already experienced in this area, all you need to do is master the art of henna mixing. This can be done at your own pace and comfort, preferably at a kitchen table. Experiment with different textures by mixing a few times and see which one works best for you. Additionally, test the henna on your arm for a few minutes to determine how it will turn out. However, if you have never dyed an eyebrow before, there are multiple options available. You can access a wealth of information on Youtube, and if you’ve been drawing eyebrows for years, you already have a good foundation to begin with.

How long is henna visible on skin and brows?

The henna we use has a longevity of two weeks on the skin and six weeks on hair. It is recommended that clients schedule their next appointment approximately four weeks after their initial appointment for eyebrow henna. However, the duration of the henna’s effect depends on the client’s skin type, with oily skin fading the color faster. Hormones can also affect the duration of the henna, as is the case with all hair products.

Some cool tips you should know


Prepare the henna mix at the kitchen table and test it on your arm, this is a great education.


Always use mineral water rather than tap water, which can affect the color.


Our henna also gives color to gray hair, don't pull it out, use it to add volume.


No need to mix colors. With our 6 colors, you can provide beautiful, natural-looking brows to all of your clients.


To ensure a consistently natural look for your clients, it is imperative that you become well-versed in all of our available colors. By doing so, you can work with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you have the necessary knowledge to achieve the desired outcome for each and every customer.

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