How to apply henna on eyebrows

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Utilize one scoop of henna per client. Ensuring the consistency of your mixture is crucial; it shouldn't be excessively runny or overly thick. Take time to practice initially, allowing you to expertly prepare the blend for your treatment. This practice guarantees excellent and enduring outcomes. Keep in mind that a single jar of henna serves approximately 35 customers on average.


A single customer utilizes two drops of fixative. Each drop is distinct from the other. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the appropriate quantity to achieve the accurate composition. The fixative serves the purpose of enhancing color revelation and promoting better adherence to both skin and hair. Additionally, it facilitates effortless removal of the henna post-treatment, ensuring utmost convenience for your clientele.

mineral water

Add 8-10 drops of bottled mineral water to the mixture. The water will assist in achieving the desired mixture consistency. Initially, experiment with the number of drops to determine the optimal structure for your treatment. Utilizing mineral water guarantees the accurate hue for your eyebrows. Ordinary tap water has the potential to impact the color of our product.

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