Who is Brazilian Brows?

We are a well-arranged company that specializes in henna dye for the eyebrows. Because we know how important it is that you work with high-quality products, we have made it our business. We manage the entire production line, so we always work with the best raw materials. You will see and notice this when you work with our product.

Our customers are the salons who use our product as end customers, trainers who provide henna brow training and wholesalers who resell our products in their country.

We are...

Marlena Schijff

Marketing / sales

Michel Schijff

General manager global


It starts with why...

You may be familiar with this phrase. It is widely preached by many great speakers. The answer to this question is also our driving force behind Brazilian Brows and our whole lives. The reason is not only a beautiful and great product, but it goes beyond this if you know why you work and why you do it what you do. This is why we would like to tell you something about the importance of the ‘why question’ and hopefully even inspire you as a salon owner.


This is a good example of “it takes more to get up in the morning than just the result.” No one could have offered me enough money to just cut my hair. Only one good answer to the question: “why”? Give someone a good reason to do something and the rest will follow.

It gives you a sense of gratitude and that there must be a reason that you are here on this earth because your life is of value to other people.

Maybe you recognize this example? When you did something for someone else, big or small. It matters. Therefore, always start with ‘why’, ask yourself what inspires you in this life. The result will follow, promised.

X Marlena



We want to get up every day knowing that what we do is not just about the results. The result can be money or a good working product. This does not mean, of course, that this is not important, but it means that the ‘why’ question is even more important.

If we get up in the morning and we know why we want to achieve a certain result (money, the best product, etc.), it is a lot more pleasant and goal oriented. We want our work to have a greater purpose. That we can help our customers and make the world a better place by supporting certain charities, both financially and physically. Wondering what this looks like in practice? On May 14, 2020 I donated my long hair to a foundation called ‘Haarwensen’ (hairwishes in Englisch). This foundation makes donated hair wigs for children who have become bald due to illness.

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