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Best henna on the market.
Made in Brazil

Superior Henna For Eyebrows

In Brazil, we have created an exceptional henna product that meets a market with the most demanding standards. Our henna has been developed to provide excellent adhesion to both the skin and brow hairs, making it the ideal choice for eyebrow dyeing.


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We stand for quality, so you as a professional will always be able to work with the best quality available on the market. With our 6 colors you can serve all your customers in the best way. From reddish types to dark skin, we have the right color for every type.

Your customer leaves your salon with natural eyebrows, satisfied.

Our own henna production

only the best raw materials

Our unique eyebrow henna formulation is meticulously crafted by our in-house artisans in Brazil. This approach ensures meticulous quality control throughout the production process. We take charge of sourcing the finest raw materials, underscoring our commitment to excellence. The outcome is an eyebrow henna product that boasts both safety and unrivaled quality, offering you an opportunity to experience its myriad benefits.

Of paramount significance to you is the product’s efficacy in swiftly and effectively adhering to the skin. This facet ensures the realization of the coveted henna eyebrow tattoo effect. This is an aspect where we unequivocally set ourselves apart from our competitors. While conventional offerings, often originating from India, have been known to leave irregularities, our Brazilian Brows products stand out.

With a palette comprising six distinctive colors, our range provides the means to bestow upon all conceivable brow types a stunning and naturally beautiful outcome. Even clients with a ruddy complexion can exit your establishment adorned with brows that exude an entirely authentic aesthetic.

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